Busy Dad Makes $4000 in 3 Hours Part Time

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Busy People Make Things Happen! Lazy People Do Not.

WOW….I’m sitting here in complete gratitude for all of the experiences I’ve had over the past few months meeting incredible people, learning a new (profitable) Skill-Set, and having my second part time (at night, because it is the only time I have lol!) $4-Figure month online with the Empower Network. The Sky is the LIMIT!

Its funny, I remember making the decision to learn the skill-set of internet marketing while I had zero time to invest and not a ton of capital to get started. You see I make a GOOD living and LOVE what I do. I however I am “time poor” trying to make a life for my family. I want to leave my family a legacy. I want to take care of my parents, who have done so much for me. I want to show my children what generosity and leadership is. I want them to see the leadership example in me. I want to help people have fun, make money and most importantly, make a difference.

What is YOUR “WHY”?

I just knew early on that if I wanted to get results in any area of my life I had to follow people making it happen, not a teacher or professor’s teaching “theory” on how to run a successful business. So I found the time (at night when most people are sleeping…whatever it takes right?) to make it work.

I remember telling people I would be retired (from worrying about money) by 40 and making enough money to provide for my family and help the people I love. Most people thought I was crazy (including my family lol).

But I can relate to why they thought I was crazy, because most people…..Don’t Know, what they Don’t Know. Think about that. Most people think they know about something…but have NEVER DONE WHAT THEY SAY THEY KNOW.

The truth is, if you have a burning desire to succeed, ANYTHING is possible. Its time to do what you love and live a Lifestyle by design 😀

(Below are a few screenshots of some of the commissions I was able to earn in just a few weeks in 2013)


Screen Shot 2013-11-17 Screen Shot 2013-11-172

I want you to watch the same video I watched that flipped my entire world upside down. This video is the reason why I got into affiliate marketing, it allowed me to see what’s possible when I really had no idea.

Watch this video. (the video could take a couple seconds to load)

Nate $mith
#Project A.W.O.L
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I look forward to helping you transition to an A.W.O.L. lifestyle, living more, loving more and living “another way of life. ” –A.W.O.L.

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