Blogging Attraction – How writing affects Your Unconscious outcomes.

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Blogging Attraction – How writing affects Your Unconscious outcomes.


As you’re reading this blog post, you’re going to notice something interesting.

I’m not sure if it will happen as your reading the words – as you’re commenting, or as you are putting your name and email into the form and submitting now – as when you’re doing that you may or may not be paying attention.

I remember one time, I was walking along the beach in San Juan, Peurto Rico.

Dragging my feet in the sand – wondering about the my path in life, I was absorbed inside on what I wanted – a burning desire to create something new – to make a change, and then…

…an old man, wearing a lightly worn straw hat, walking slowly as the blue waves were crashing, and the birds were signing in the background, and I noticed something, too.

The old man looked up – blue eyes, a wrinkled, darker tanned forehead, shining white around the pupils, and he said…

The Law of Attraction:

I’d define as the process by which your unconscious now affects your results, through the processes of deleting, distorting, and generalizing the input and output systems of your nervous system – as experienced through the five senses.

Or – your not conscious of more than 99% of what you do in life.  Sometimes your walking in a store – and you choose to buy something automatically.  Your not aware of the bottoms of your feet as you read this – until I just mentioned that fact, and you felt a particular sensation…didn’t you?

As you notice that, understand that your life is being run by programs – whether they are getting you what you want all the time, or creating what you don’t want all the time.

How writing affects your unconscious outcomes:

Your memories, and awareness aren’t what really happens, they’re internal representations of what is going on around you.  For example, you might spend a majority of the day focusing on what you want, and interpreting experiences in a way that focuses your unconscious outcomes towards what you want – or you might spend the majority of the day focusing and acting unconsciously in the way that you not want.

Whether your unconscious, or conscious of these processes – and whether it’s what you want or not want determines the ways you’re responding to the world, and both directly and indirectly affects the way LIFE responds to your intentions and actions.

So… they say to ‘visualize’ and ‘make affirmations’.

I’ve got a better way.

Blog daily.  Make videos every day.  Learn to interpret your experiences for the magic that your finding in them as you focus, and realize that this directs your unconscious processes in creating magical outcomes.  Write about your memories in a way that sheds new light and understanding on pain, and your unconscious will re-write your memories and representations in a way that forges a new unconscious outcome.

This is the blogging system I use.  It’s only $25 – and easy.

And as you pay attention to what you’re creating, and the way you’re interpreting your experiences as your blogging now – you’ll be sharing your new discoveries, and new insights with the world – and you can’t observe the world in a certain way, without changing it. (more on that later)

By blogging daily, you can re-frame your own experiences, the things your learning – the information coming at you, and you can now create a new path for your life – getting you what you want.

In addition – the more you blog daily now, and share yourself with the world, the more people will like, and be attracted to what you’re writing – and why not make money now as they do?

That’s how I’ve sponsored people online – without any paid ads, by re-writing my own unconscious mine to create what I want simultaneously, earning income I enjoy, as you go deep down inside, and ponder.

It’s my goal in 2013 to spend more time reading, writing, and sharing in videos, and as your reading, watching, listening, and following, I’ll be sharing with you insights on breaking through now, here’s where you can pay attention, and learn:

3 places you’ll be following (to keep you guessing):

This blog – you can put your name and email in the form below, right after you comment.

Earn To Learn Quickly company blog – You can read and watch the daily show and insights here.

My Empower Network personal blog – now, I haven’t written a ton there now, because I’ve been writing and making videos.  But I’ll be doing something interesting there soon – because I now have people around me to help me get more done, in less time :)

One of the cool things that can happen to you, if you now allow your unconscious… mine is drawing me towards what I want, by putting your name and email into the form now.

I’ll see you back here next time – whenever that is… maybe today, now…the Old Man.

As he looked right at me with his fiery, blue eyes, dilated pupils, and fierce… aged face – he said:

“Your in the right place, at the right time… always… and thinking makes it so”

Talk Soon,

Nate $mith

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October 14, 2013 at 4:02 pm

Hi Nate. I really like how you structured this post. Was so easy for me to read it. I congratulate you on it and wish you much good fortune.


October 20, 2013 at 11:19 pm

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law of attraction at work.

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